Sunday, 5 May 2013

Imaginenation now makes Etsy Banner Sets!

I am proud to announce that Imaginenation now has beautiful Etsy Shop Sets for sale!

I am also able to make OOAK shop sets and Blog Headers and graphics for those of you who would like this service.

For our Aussie customers I also make "Made It" shop sets.

Below are some examples of our cute shop sets! Check them out, and if you like them, click on the image to take you to my store or simply send me an email or post a comment.

Thank you for looking!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

New Kit Layouts! Wow!

My amazing creative team member Bea from Bea So Scrappy has been at it again!

This time she has done the most beautiful layouts featuring "Fresh Bouquet" and "Slowly Puzzled"

Check them out!

If you like what you see, just click on the Ad strip next to the layout you like to take you to that kit in my shop.
Thanks for looking!

Friday, 3 May 2013

iNSD is here! All my kits are on special so hurry in to get them! Plus a chance to WIN!!!

Phew! With iNSD coming things have been insane around here! So I apologise for not posting sooner, but I have been working on a bunch of new kits to have them ready for the iNSD sales!

Be sure to check out all our fun classes and CRAZY specials at will find my kits marked down significantly, but only until the 5th May! So HURRY!

First of all, my most recent kit Slowly Puzzled.......I was inspired to make this one when I was feeling a bit....well......unsure of what to scrap was taking me ages to try to get any scrapping done, mainly because I hadn't thought up a colour theme or style, so I got thinking and came up with Slowly Puzzled....... I thought it would be cute to have puzzle pieces to illustrate the "Puzzled" bit and the little snails cause my sister Tash and I had been challenging each other to draw something......they went with the whole "Slow" part of the kit. So no, you have no excuse..... I have worked through the slow and puzzling to bring you a new kit! So you needn't be slow OR puzzled, you can now be fast and focused! Hey.......that's a good idea for my next kit! = )

Without further ado, in the loveliest shades of brown, red, aqua, green and light grey and including my hand illustrated little snails, here is "Slowly Puzzled!"

Also introducing "Fresh Bouquet"!

Now you know Mother's Day is coming soon right? What present could be better than a "Fresh Bouquet" of flowers that never dies? My new "Fresh Bouquet" kit is very flower heavy! In response to my fans who say you can never have enough of them, I thought I would make a bouquet with every flower fit for a queen! Inspired by all you lovely Mum's out there who deserve and probably rarely get beautiful flowers, if you can't have them in a vase, well at least now, you can scrap with them!

Here is "Fresh Bouquet" in romantic soft rose, green, teal and pistachio with a hint of gold and a touch of old world charm.

And finally last but by no means least, "Romantic" a soft, sweet feminine kit in pinks, mauves, peach and green. This kit is part of DHD's ever so famous Monthly House Party Collection. It has 20 gorgeous patterned and textured papers some of which are foiled for that little bit of extra bling and a couple of lovely ombre papers for that elegant look. Full of butterflies, ribbons, flowers and more, this kit is also perfect as a Mother's Day gift for that most special of special people....your Mum!

WAnt this kit for FREE???? Check out our May House Part Blog Post for your chance to win!


And here are the gorgeous layouts from the clever DHD girls for this kit:

From the lovely and talented Beatrice of Bea So Scrappy a layout featuring a VERY young her!

The next two are from our amazing Krystal Winn and her beautiful children, what a beautiful bride!:

Our very own Amanda Shepherd! Such a fun person!

Marlyn has a laugh on this sweet layout:

Lea Boston at her best as always with this amazing LO!

Jessica Jeppson's special day looks amazing!

And remember to check out my kits at CRAZY prices for iNSD at DHD! Just click on the kits to go to my page!

Have a fabulous and fun International Scrapbooking Day! 

Friday, 19 April 2013

My super talented CA! Spotlight on Beatrice.

I just wanted to share with you all some of the layouts my most amazingly talented Creative Assistant Bea Skinner from Bea So Scrappy has made.

Bea has recently joined my Creative Team and I am so happy and lucky to have her! Whenever Bea makes something with one of my kits it feels like I am seeing my kit all over again, because the imagination she uses to create her layouts make me see my kit through her eyes, for the first time again, through new and wondering eyes as I take in the different and amazing ways she uses elements and papers.

I think it's safe to say that Bea is a huge source of inspiration to me!

So Bea, a big thank you from me as I walk through and share some of your lovely work!

Happy 5 - Was made by Beatrice using my Candy Melon Full Kit

Dogs - Was made by Beatrice using my freebie, found here on my blog! 

 Birthday - Was made by Beatrice using my Inspired Full Kit

There are more of Bea's wonderful layouts found below (with my Eclectic kit) and on her found above to Be a So Scrappy.

Thanks again Bea! I can't wait to see what you make next!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Eclectic Kit plus International Scrapbooking Day is near! Get ready for some fun and discounts!

Hi all......I am thrilled to present a preview of my newest kit for you to see,"Eclectic"!
Eclectic is a kit close to my heart, because at heart I am a very eclectic and slightly Boho person. When I first chose the colours for this kit I was worried......then I put them all together on a swatch and I was REALLY worried! They were amazing and rich colours but they didn't look like they would work together! But I plugged away and had a go at making them and before I new it I had a kit! A beautiful, rich, warm and completely eclectic kit.

I present to you with pride....ECLECTIC!

And check out this STUNNING layout from my amazingly talented creative assistant Bea Skinner of Bea So Scrappy! Here is the link to her amazing blog! Check it out.....

From talented decorator Melissa Marti, I just LOVE these pictures and the layout is so adorable!:

From our very own wonderful Amanda Shepperd, I love the off the page quality and the clean, elegant, uncluttered look of this layout!:

The talent just keeps coming from our lovely decorators! Here is a gorgeous layout from Tracey Allen:

I love how this layout is nice and masculine but still oh so elegant! 

And from our wonderful DHD Decorator Cheryll Ann:

I just LOVE the multigenerational pic on this layout! Adorable! 

This kit features gorgeous lime, red, blue aqua, cream, light grey and chocolate brown, colours that should not work together but really do! And best of all, it goes with pretty much anything!
I would truly LOVE to see anything you create with this kit, so please....if you do make something with it, please drop me a line and a pic so I can see and post on my blog! You never know....I might give you a prize! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

Now for those of you not really sure about what eclectic is a definition as found on the web:


Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.
A person who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

To me it is what I call the Bower Bird Syndrome.... Bower Birds are little birds with style and pizazz who know what they like! They pick up things that catch their attention for miles around and bring them back to the nest to "decorate" it. How cute! Now some Bower Bird nests are absolute works of art! They are full of all kinds of colourful, mismatched and wonderfully random items that they just liked the look of! Usually they choose blue coloured items, but occasionally you get a "designer" bower bird who breaks with this cute little nest here.........

Now THAT'S a home! This veritable little bower bird Picasso, has a museum of fun stuff there!

In human terms, eclectic equates to someone who loves a variety of styles, colours, themes, patterns, era's, etc. An eclectic person may have a burgundy couch, green curtains and blue paint on the walls, but (and here is what makes it eclectic rather than an odd assortment of mismatched stuff) an eclectic person will find a way to make those disconnected, mismatched items and colours WORK together! There is a fine line between junkyard and eclectic, but that line is defined by how the finished assortment looks. Here is a picture from Victoria blog that shows eclectic done right!

And this one I just LOVE too! From Interior Design for Houses

I am a true eclectic at heart and my house reflects that (although it is nowhere near as gorgeous as the homes pictured above! But that's a goal to work towards), so to me this kit is a piece of the puzzle of who I am. It expresses part of my personality that helps to define me. I hope this kit inspires the creative in you!

Now....iNSD.....will there be fun to be had at DHD? You bet! Bargains...yup! So make sure you start saving your pennies for the day, coming soon, where the DHD scrapbooking store owner and designers lose their minds and drop prices to silly levels!

And pop in to check for a freebie too!

Jen = )

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Candy Melon - Sweet Papers for a Sweet layout

Well, it's release day at DHD again and my layout this week is "Candy Melon" a beautiful spring and summer inspired colour palette of pinks, green and a touch of chocolate brown. Is it any wonder with these colours that my thoughts turned to food? The colours brought to mind those little artificial candy watermelons, strawberries, apples and all things girly, so I filled it with glitter and glam and plenty of variety for lots of different styles.

I hope you like it, and remember it's 30% off for new kits on Thursdays only!

Full Kit:

Paper Set:

 Full Alpha Set:

Element Kit:

Oh....and here is the layout I made for my Photo Journal Book!

TYFL!!! Have a great week! = ) 

Monday, 1 April 2013

Candy Melon......Coming this Thursday!

Hi all,

I am SO excited! I have been working on a really cute kit that has turned out amazing! I am so happy with it and I am sure you will love it too! I was so thrilled for it that I even revamped my logo and blog header! Here's a little sneak peek of the ad I will be using, isn't it cute?

With those colours I had thought I might do a candy apple themed kit, but as soon as I made the little melon it was love at first sight and so "Candy Melon" was born! 

Now I am off to make and post this week's freebie! Stay tuned! 

O.K. So I'm back and have I got a deal for you! How would you like the chance to win a $5 DHD voucher? Yes, that's right.....I give you a freebie PLUS the chance to win a doesn't get better than that! 
All you have to do is grab my little freebie Photo Journal Card here:

And make an AWESOME layout or PL, 365 etc style pocket page incorporating this card into it. Then post it to our Gallery and the Challenge Gallery! Easy! 

At any rate....challenge or no challenge, the freebie is here for you to take and enjoy!