Thursday, 28 February 2013

Thank you!

I wanted to shout out a big THANK YOU to all of you who stopped by my shop and helped make my store opening such a success. You all know who you are! Stay tuned too, because I will be posting a free thank you here soon!
So make sure to keep an eye out!

Blog Hop!

I have some exciting news to share! Soon, the shop I design for, Design House Digital will be announcing a blog hop!

The blog hop is set for March and will include a coupon code if you visit the blogs on the hop list, so you can get a FREE MEGA HUGE kit! I am talking BIG and did I mention FREE????
So be sure to come back and have a peek every now and then so you don't miss it or any other goodies I pop on here at random times!

Here is an example of the blog hop freebie that was offered in November:

If you LOVE the kit shown above (and let's face it, who wouldn't!) You can click on it and purchase it now in our store..... but hurry! It is going to be leaving the store soon to make room for our new one which will be just as awesome! Oh, and did I mention....FREE if you do the blog hop in March!

So, keep an eagle eye out.....the blog hop could be announced any time!

Have a great day!

Monday, 25 February 2013


I am so excited! Finally opening day is here and I can share all my designs with you! Thank you to all of you who have been viewing my blog I am humbled that you are willing to share my journey with me.

My shop will be opening in an hour or so and I really hope to see you all there!
Here is a pic of my amended ad:

Better huh?

So get in there and have a look! Just click on the ad and it will take you to my store......


Friday, 22 February 2013

How about a Freebie?

I've been playing around today with journal cards for our Photo Journal range. Figured out a few new things so I am pretty happy! It's always a bit like Christmas when you figure out some new trick or learn a new skill! It is for me anyway!

So since it is probably the deepest darkest winter currently in the US, I thought it might be nice to cheer you up with thoughts of your upcoming spring. Lush green growth, warmth, flowers, new life....all the good things in life! So today the freebie I am offering you is a cute Spring Photo Journal card! This will work with Project Life and 365 too! To download it, simply click on the image, then when the file opens right click and select "Save As", save to your computer as you normally would and enjoy! I have saved it as a .png file for you digi lovers, but you can also just print it as you normally would and cut it out to use with hybrid or regular scrapping projects too.

Oh.....and just so you know.....I am going to offer weekly freebies on my blog....sometimes it will be something little like this......but sometimes it will be something BIG! So keep coming back and if you have the time, leave a comment......and please....spread the word! 

If you enjoy using this card, please stop by my shop and have a look as I will be stocking the matching paper set and some more Photo Journal cards for this set and we often have amazing specials! But remember, my shop opening day isn't until this Tuesday! 

Wishing you a lovely day in every way!

Sneaky Peeky.....shhhh!

So I thought I might give you a tiny preview of one of my kits just to whet your appetite! So here it is, you'll be peeking through the keyhole as it were! Lol!

Come join the fun this Tuesday the 26th February! See you there!

My Digital Store Opening! So soon!

So I have been flat out and red eyed with lack of sleep trying to make all the goodies for my shop which will be opening on the 26th of February at DHD!

I have made several cute kits and worked on a collaboration with another very talented designer there, Whitney Korstange from Inkling and Wit.

Check out the ads for our shops! Aren't they cool?!

Be sure to stop by! There will be so many goodies. There are freebies in the store and HUGE discounts as well as $1 kits! At that price, you can't go wrong.....

Make sure you pay all the DHD designers a visit while you're there! They all have specials and amazing talent!

"Photo Journals" - They ROCK!

I have recently also started my journey trying to document my family's life with regular "Photo Journal" layouts.
For those of you unfamiliar with "Photo Journal" let me explain.

At Design House Digital we do our level best to make scrapping as easy and enjoyable for you as possible. We understand the challenges and commitments of daily life and that even though we have the best intentions, sometimes life just happens. Invariably that means that journalling gets pushed further and further back as we try to meet the demands of modern society.

At Design House we want to make things easy for you, that's why we have "Photo Journals".
"Photo Journals" are so simple, so easy, yet so beautiful that it just makes sense to use them!
These cute little cards work well with project 365, project life and many other journalling systems, as well as being cute little journalling cards in their own right for layouts or minis. They come as ready made, ready to use digital files, although they can be used as a hybrid project as well if you prefer to print and handle the components instead.

Our plan at Design House is to regularly release many different journal and filler cards with endless themes, colours and occasions because people like change and not everyone wants to see the same patterns and colours page after page. We also offer amazing templates to make it even easier!

Why digital? Because it's easy! It's cost effective, it's fast, instant and for other advantages I will mention in a minute.

With "Photo Journal" there is no need to print pictures, to carefully catalogue and cut them to size, there is no need for albums, glue scissors or mess, yet you still get a beautiful product that is fun and creative, tailored by you to reflect your individuality.

Simply put, using any version of photoshop, you open one of our templates, choose any of our gorgeous papers or journal cards apply a clipping mask and you have a stunning and drag in your favourite pictures straight from your computer or camera, pop on any of the many gorgeous embellishments and/or elements and within 10 minutes you have a unique album page ready! You can type over the photos or cards in any font on your computer, any colour and size, you can endlessly modify! And at the end of it all, simply save your page into a file on your computer or on the cloud.

But here's the best part! When you think you have enough pages or at the end of a month or year, whatever you choose, you simply choose the folder with your pages and upload them to be printed by one of the many companies that offer to print "coffee table" styled books and albums. Just like that, you have a stunning album to look at, keep, treasure, document, hand down to future generations, and even give as gifts to relatives or loved ones! You can print as many as you like and should it be lost or damaged, there is no need to lose your treasured memories, just have another printed! Tempting isn't it?!
Below is an example of one of my "Photo Journal" pages so you can see what I am talking about!
I am not nearly as skilled at layouts as I would like to be and as you can see this one is very simple with no added embellishments or elements, but it works for me and it only takes me 10 minutes every so often, if I am in a hurry....but when I have more time to spend I can take my time making my layouts elaborate. At least this way, those memories aren't lost!

Please note the writing....I WISH I could write like that! Alas, my writing looks a bit like a drunk spider dragging six broken legs across a page! Are you starting to see why this is so good?  See those pictures? No printing, cutting or matting! This will be one page of my album.....and see the beauty of simply circling a date card in the February layout above? So simple!
Can I confess something? Sometimes I forget to take pictures throughout the day and I just run around at night snapping pics of the kids......why? because in 10 years time it won't matter when they were taken, what will matter is that I have them! I am amazed at how much my kids change even from month to month!

So because those memories are treasures and because they too soon fade, I want to make sure one day I can look back and have something to help jog my memory.

If you are like me....a busy working mum with too much on her plate, you should consider having a look at "Photo Journals"....because it isn't the big occasions that make up a life time, it's the everyday little things that matter most.

My Journey as a DHD Designer

This blog is about my journey as a digital designer. It will contain thoughts, ideas, hopefully inspiration, papers, kits and any other interesting things I can think of to share with you with regards to design.

I will offer freebies and host competitions. I plan to post sneak peeks of kits I am working on and would generally like to create for you, the scrapbooker and individual, items you want to use to document your life.