Tuesday, 19 March 2013

BLOG HOP!!!! It's finally here! PLUS an EXTRA freebie!

O.K., so I know most of you have been eagerly awaiting the amazing DHD Blog Hop! And are you in for a treat! Not only will you get this unbelievable gorgeous massive scrapbooking kit:

but you will also be bombarded with hints, tips, tricks and freebies on the stops along the way! "What?!?" I hear you ask? Yup! As if that gorgeous kit is not enough of an encouragement there will be so many extras too! PLUS!! The chance to be entered for not ONE, but TWO draws, each winning a $15 gift certificate to spend at DHD! 

So be sure to hop over and have some fun from 8am Wednesday morning!

Here are the official details.....

To celebrate the official coming of spring in the US and the UK, we bring you a sweet new blog hop, “Sweet as Spring!”  Start at Design House Digital blog, and visit a bunch of blogs belonging to Design House Digital artists – designers & creative team members.   At each blog, you will learn something new from one of our Design House Artists.
There will be a clue at each stop, and you will need to write them down and put the clues together to form a coupon code.  If you follow the whole hop in order, you will be able to get a mega kit for free: “Sweet as Spring – a blog hop treasure!

“  Twelve designers contributed a total of 67 elements, 51 papers, and 4 alpha sets , and this gorgeous kit, and the treasure is worthy of the journey.  But, in addition, everyone who downloads the kit before Wednesday, March 27, will also be entered into a drawing for a $15 gift certificate to the Design House Digital shop!
We have a challenge for you, too: build something amazing of your own!  Using just the Sweet as Spring collaboration kit (and your own photos, of course), create your own project and put it into our Sweet  as Spring Challenge Gallery.  If you post your project before April 17, you will be entered into another drawing for a $15 gift certificate to the Design House Digital shop, but the challenge gallery will remain open afterwards, and we would love to see your layouts any time.

Now, here is my letter  for the coupon code: The letter "I" for Imaginenation! 
But don't skip just yet, read on for yet another freebie! And don't miss my cool tip also below at the end of this post!

You can use the list below of all of the stops in the blog hop, or you can jump directly to the next blog: http://www.three17blog.com

·        Sarah Sullivan
·        Vanessa Fenton
·        Inkling and Wit
·        Diane Rooney
·        Mary Moseley
·        Kristin Damon
·        Imaginenation
·        Courtney VanSickle
·        Kandy Caballero
·        Krystal Winn
·        Tracey Allen
·        Qadirah Gomez
·        Kelly Birrell
·        Amy Lanham

Now for MY freebie! Available ONLY until Midnight this Sunday! So get it quick as it's my stunning EASTER ALPHA set! Surely THAT would have to be handy with Easter coming soon! So grab it here for FREE by clicking on it! 

And check out the matching sets you can get in my shop, pictured beneath! The Hippity Hoppity Collection set, (pictured beneath the Alpha) will be on SPECIAL also until Midnight on Sunday, so grab it at this low price whilst you can! If you'd like to have a look, just click on any of the pics below to take you straight to that listing!

Now....on to the next stop! What are you waiting for?! = )
and thank you for stopping by my blog on the way.

Oh, but hang on! Here's a cool tip too! When using Photoshop, if there is a style you really use a lot or a combination of styles (for me it's a specific drop shadow, inner shadow and emboss combo) simply click on the New Style... button in your Layer Style box to set it in your styles.....then next time you need it just go to your Styles and click on it to apply instead of having to do it over and over each time.

OOOPS! Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone I showed you a preview of an unfinished and unreleased kit! = /


Jen = )


  1. Love it Jen :) Nice sneak peek! V exciting.

  2. Thanks for being a part of this fun hop! I already picked up the alpha from the newsletter I think. It's terrific.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thanks so much, but make sure you grab this Alpha too! It is different to the newsletter one!



  3. Replies
    1. You are really welcome, thanks so much for stopping by my blog on the blog hop....please come back and check for future freebies and sneak peeks.

  4. Awwwe, thanks for the freebie and the PS tip.

    1. You are really welcome......please come back and check often or subscribe as I will be posting more freebies and tips regularly now.
      Thanks so much for doing the blog hop!

  5. Awesome papers, love the freebie and co-ordinations kits. I always find cool photoshop tips reading your posts, so thanks for sharing. Oh and by the way, the "secret preview" with the seaside theme is also looking super cute and very much on trend for spring. Look forward to seeing its release.

    1. Thank you Tash! Always nice to know someone is reading your posts and appreciates them, makes the effort worthwhile if just one person gets something out of it! And yes, thanks! I am glad you like the seaside preview....it won't be released until April so it's far from ready, but I am excited about it!
      Thank you so much for your comments!

  6. Thank you for your wonderful portion of the awesome kit! Too bad I don't have PS, because I could really use that tip in PSE!

    1. Hi Liz,

      You are so welcome! Check back often for more tips and freebies. I don't have PSE or I would check if it works, but if you have a look on yours it might work....can't hurt to try! = )

  7. Thank you for your part of this Spring kit :).... Does your tip work in PSE, too?

    1. Thank you Paula for joining the blog hop, I hope you had fun. I wish I could test this tip in PSE! I really don't know.....but you might be able to see if it works on yours? NOt sure if it is very different or not. Please check back to get our other freebies! Have you seen todays freebie yet? It's on a new post! = )

  8. Thanks so much for everything!

    1. YOu are so welcome Lucy! Thanks so much for playing! = )