Saturday, 30 March 2013

House Party!!!! Now available in store!

For those of you not in the know.......DHD has a House Party once a month. What is a house party I hear you ask?'s when you get a bunch of amazing and talented designers together and give them a colour swatch, then let them let their imagination run wild! Each of us makes a kit or kits in these colours, so you have so many kits to choose from and they all mix and match!

This months colour swatch was simply gorgeous.....some would say inspired, so we have named this months House Party "Inspired"!

Here is the stunning (and inspiring) colour swatch we had to work with:

Needless to say with such a wonderfully inspiring colour swatch it wasn't too hard at all to come up with a beautiful, fun and fresh kit! Everyone has done such an amazing job! So make sure you check out our House Party kits on the 1st of April, but until is a sneak peek of my Inspired kits:

These will be available in my store on April 1! So be sure to check them out then! If you'd like to purchase these, just click on the image you like and it will take you straight there. And as always, these will be 30% off for the first 4 days! 
TYFL!!! = ) 

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